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No one has ever faced The Dread Hydra Validux and lived to tell the tale… will Prince Kalistraz be any different?

Prince Kalistraz has been tracking Validux and her army. Day by day, their army withers as they lose one good soldier after another. But, their prince has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat time and time again.

As they close in on Validux, dare they hope he can do it again?

About The Story:

Set in the world of The Alchemist Series during The Great War, this short story focuses on Prince Kalistraz and his quest to finally end Validux.

This short story can be understood without reading The Alchemist Series, but is best enjoyed as an extra historical story. It does not center on the same hero as it takes place long in the past.

Basically, it’s something I made for you to enjoy free of charge.

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