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About Me

Thunder rumbled outside as rivulets of rain ran down the stained glass windows of the ancient tower.

“Ah… I see you’ve come seeking knowledge of forbidden things, young grasshopper,” I said as I peered at you from within my dark, oversized cowl.

“Very well…” I said as I tented my fingers…

I live in the UK now. Frequently getting rained on as the wind turns my umbrellas inside out.

I’ve always loved reading and I love reading fantasy and sci-fi in particular. Who wouldn’t want to explore life as a cybernetically enhanced superhuman or battle dragons with ancient magic?

It’s probably not a surprise to say I’ve always wanted to write (let’s be honest it’s a downright cliché) but it’s true. I love dreaming up fantastical worlds and interesting characters and having those characters pursue their own agendas and interact with one another.

I enjoy giving my readers a chance to escape from whatever they’re dealing with and go on an adventure somewhere else. To live in another world for a while and explore what it has to offer.

If you’d like to learn more about what goes into writing my stories, you may wish to consider reading my Behind The Scenes books.

My Current Stories Are:

The Alchemist Series

  1. Unspeakable Secrets: Available!

  2. Forged In Fire ( Working Title): In Progress – First draft complete. Second draft progress: 45%

Path of the Dragon Series

  1. Blood Pact: Available!

  2. Dragon's Heart (working title) 90% Complete.

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"Sometimes we all need a bit of magic in our lives."

Daren Gillingham

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