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The Alchemist Series

Vigil Has Always Been A Bastion Of Safety… Until Now.


When slavery in Vigil is on the rise, the spymaster calls on the one person he can trust. His nephew, Connor Varas.


Connor’s been a spy for as long as he can remember. Dark plots, knives in the dark, and court intrigue are all old friends.


But, this time it’s different.


His enemies are more dangerous than ever. The magic they use shouldn’t exist. Their thugs are skilled. Their equipment costs a fortune.


And, they never leave a trace.


But, Connor has a secret of his own.


Can he learn to use it before it’s too late?


About the Book

Unspeakable Secrets is the first book in The Alchemist Series. The journey starts in Vigil, but who knows where it ends?


The story follows Connor Varas as he struggles to learn the mysterious practice of alchemy, uncover the dark plot that threatens his city, and stay alive doing it.


His quest will take him through Vigil’s underground the palace would say doesn’t exist. Through oceans of blood, and all too much magic getting thrown at him.


Joining him are allies he can’t trust and a deadly woman whose face he’s never seen.


So what are you waiting for? Get the book and begin your adventure in the world of Unspeakable Secrets…


Excerpt 1:

A lithe figure leaned against the manor door. Dark fabric and leather armor covered her from head to toe, leaving only her intense violet eyes visible.

Despite having her whole body covered, it was easy to tell she was a woman as her clothes and tight-fitting armor hugged every sensual curve.

She radiated danger, and anyone would avoid her on an instinctual level like a mouse would avoid a cat.

If they noticed her that was.


Excerpt 2:

The thugs he’d killed only moments ago shambled toward him. They moved awkwardly, like puppets jerked by invisible strings and lacked any of the grace or skill they had in life.

He thrust his rapier at the closest of the two and skewered it through the heart. It didn’t even flinch.

#1 Unspeakable Secrets - Available!
#2 Forged In Fire (working title)- In Progress
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