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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are you active on Royalroad?

A: Yes. You can find content I release there here:

Q: I’ve heard you started writing because you were injured. What happened?

A: I injured the tendons in my wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. The condition is called tendonitis. You may hear it referred to more commonly as things like tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, etc. Basically, I had that in half the joints in my body.

And, while many medical journals may say it heals quickly, I can assure you that it does not. At least not in my case. For years it was excruciatingly painful just to open bottles or climb stairs.

With the stress and pain, I ground my teeth while sleeping and my jaw and neck muscles got so tight that when I try to speak the muscles around my vocal chords go into spasm and basically clamp down and strangle me from inside. Not fun stuff. Unable to work, speak, or do much of anything I started writing a little each day. I’m now recovered from the tendonitis, but speaking still eludes me. I seem to be getting better though and hope to make a full recovery.


Q: What inspired you to write The Alchemist Series?


A: I’ve always thought alchemy was a fascinating practice. But, I’d never seen it done the way I wanted it done. I’d seen it used as a more typical form of magic, but I wanted something different. While what I do has little real relation to the practice of alchemy, I feel it’s still very different from just being another generic type of magic.


Q: How long is The Alchemist Series going to be?

A: As long as it takes. I can’t stand series that drag on and on for seemingly no reason, but I also have quite a story to tell, and that’ll take time. It will have a definite end though. I have lots of other stories I want to write, but I also won’t let myself rush through this one. So, it’ll be as long as it takes to tell a good story and no longer.


Q: Why do you write fantasy?


A: I love magic. Always have. I also think that it gives people a lot of hope. Art inspires people. Writing is art, as and as such it is no different. How many times has a good story helped you get through tough times?


Yes, my stories are fantastical and filled with miraculous stuff, but it’s still grounded in reality. I’m also fond of making characters work their butts off to get the incredible powers that let them change their fate, and I think people can relate to that and be inspired by that.


And, sure some incredible stuff can fall out of the sky and often amazing things are just around the darkest corner, but isn’t that true of life as well? I think it sends a message that no matter how your life is now… anything is possible. It can change. Often through hard work.


Q: Will you ever write different genres of books?


A: I expect I will. In fact, I even want to, but I have my hands full with fantasy projects at the moment.


Q: Who is your favorite character in The Alchemist Series and why?


A: Adelia. Hands down. No contest. As for why? She intrigues me. She does the same for other people too it seems. I often get people saying how sexy she is. But, she doesn’t show any skin. Like, ANY skin. Isn’t that interesting?


She’s deadly and dangerous, but she’s not an emotionless machine. She’s complicated. Intense. Fierce. She’s a woman. And, I love her for that.


Q: When will the next book be?


A: I like to tell quality stories, and that takes a long time to do. If you head through to the different pages talking about the books you’ll find a % indicator of how far I am and through which draft. It often takes a LOT of drafts before a book is ready. To make sure you don’t risk missing a release it’s best to sign up for my mailing list so I can just update you on progress and let you know when it’s done.


Q: How many books do you plan to write?


A: This question always amuses me. I love telling stories, there isn’t a set point where I’ll just say “right when I get there, I’m done.” I plan to write as many as I can. Without sacrificing quality.


Q: Aside from writing books, what do you enjoy doing?


A: I read a lot, I watch anime, movies, series, I play games… really a lot of things with stories… I also exercise. Partly because I have to as part of my recovery (and to make sure I don’t go backward after all this effort) but I also just genuinely love it.


I also enjoy time spent with those I care about as do most people. I enjoy a good meal. I enjoy music and often listen to some while writing. As to what I listen to, it varies depending on my mood. Though rock would have to be labeled my favorite.


At the moment, I’m too focused on building my career as an author to do much else though. I’ll let you know when that changes.


Q: Would you like your books turned into movies?


A: Sure. I think basically anyone would. But, only if someone genuinely cares about making a quality product. I’m a writer, but I’m also a reader and a viewer. I can’t stand shameless cash grabs or… honestly whatever the hell you call it when someone doesn’t give a damn about their work.


I mean… wouldn’t your movie make more money if you did a good job? I just don’t understand it. So, the short answer is yes, but only if the people involved actually want to make something great and not… whatever you call the rubbish some of them put out. Pet peeve of mine, but what can you do?


Q: What do you want from your books?


A: I think anyone who says money doesn’t matter is full of smelly stuff. But, that being said, I hope my books give people a break from the real world. Whether that’s just as a bit of fun or a story that touches their heart.


Q: Are there any writers you look up to?


A: This always sounds like “are there people you idolize” and I’d have to say I don’t idolize anyone. I don’t really understand why people do that. Not saying it’s a bad thing, I just don’t get it. That being said, there are writers whose work I respect, enjoy, or whatever else you wish to call it. I like their stuff.


As for who these people are… that’s a long list. You’re basically asking for a list of all the hundreds of works I’ve enjoyed. Everything from Pokemon movies (given that movies require writing) to The Daughter of the Empire series. Tons of stuff. There’s lots of talented people out there and my hat off to them. I don’t idolize them, but I definitely respect them. If enough people ask I might go to the trouble of compiling a list of media I enjoy.

Q: Where can I get hold of you?


A: There’s a contact me page on this website so just click that and send me an email.


Q: Do you do interviews?


A: Yup. Have done and will do again. Contact me if you wish to do so. Keep in mind I can’t talk, so interviews have to be done via email.


Have a question that isn’t in the FAQ? Send me an email, and if enough people ask I may eventually add it here.


Take care, everyone!

PS: For some reason, when put into the website, some words just seem to vanish. Hopefully, I caught them all. But, if you spot a sentence that doesn't make sense and looks like a word or two decided to elope to some distant spot, then feel free to let me know and I'll come correct it!

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