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Path of the Dragon Series

Book 1: Blood Pact

Book 2: Dragon's Heart (working title).

A dragon. A girl. A deal sealed in blood.


Lightning flickered over the dragon’s onyx scales. “You will have to walk through fire and death. You will have to fight for your life every step of the way. You will have to battle against people and creatures more powerful and terrifying than your worst nightmares. I need you to save my world and many others. It will not be easy. You may not survive,” said the dragon.

A young girl lies in a hospital bed. Her body is broken but her spirit can never be. Even now, hopeless though it is, she studies and seeks to grow. To advance and reach for more than life ever sought to allow her. That’s when a dragon appears and offers her a deal.

He promises to restore her health and bring her to a world where she can have more power than she’d ever dreamed possible. More importantly, he offers her revenge.

If she accepts, she’ll have to refine the Essence of the Heavens and the Earth. She’ll have to master her elemental affinities and grapple with the grand, cosmic mysteries of the dao.

But everything comes with a price.

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