Author Update The Alchemist Series October 2nd 2018

Hi everyone! Just wanted to say thanks for all the positive reviews! It really helps! So, not much has changed since my last update. I am helping my back muscles recover and when that is finally done I will be working way more. BUT I am still working on books 2 and 3. Like I said, I just had SO much stuff to put into book 2 that it was growing a bit... too big for one book.

So, current word count is over 130'000 words. It's slower than I'd like but life goes on and the work continues. I've halted progress on Path of The Dragon for now because I want to make sure to focus on the series that is already out. I don't want to keep you waiting any longer than I have to.

This is of course just the first draft and there'll be a lot more work to do yet, but it's getting there.

Have an awesome day!

- Daren

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