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Updated: May 16, 2018

Few things invoke such terror in me! But, others must know of the dangers they pose. If only so they know to avoid them at all costs.

Ghouls are undead creatures often born from improper burial, or dark magic.

Though these creatures may be your family… your friends. It is vital you remember they are not.

While ghouls possess memory of their lives before death, they are nothing like they once were. They are cunning, intelligent undead, but are overcome with a fierce hunger.

Have you ever gone days without eating? Have you ever felt your insides gnaw on you and scream for sustenance?

Then you have some inkling of the un-life of a ghoul.

Whoever they once were, is lost forever. Submerged beneath a ravenous hunger that blots out all other thought.

I have heard rumors of such creatures being kept beneath certain cities, but I can assure you they are just that.


No-one would be foolish enough to keep ghouls as pets!

They are stronger than any man, fast when they choose to be, and impossibly hard to kill. Their long claws are coated with a paralytic.

Yes. It will paralyze you and devour you while you are unable to even scream.

Surely now you see the folly of keeping such dark creatures around!

I assure you. No city in all of Terra would ever keep them around. Such rumors are merely the result of those with nothing better to do!

- Nicholas Wolfram, Professor of Monsterology at Lestria University

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