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Water Elementals

It is time to finish up this section of the compendium on elementals by talking about water elementals.

Like all elementals, they vary in forms from flowing water to hulking brutes of solid ice. Many of them take on a semi-humanoid appearance when dealing with humanoid creatures as they seem to have learned this promotes a more positive response from us. We don’t react well to the strange and the odd, unfortunately.

Water elementals can be tricky to deal with. All elementals are in their own ways I suppose, but water elementals… they’re on another level. Fire elementals can be prone to aggressive natures, and air elementals can be too flighty. But, water elementals can be manipulative and changeable in an entirely different way.

They’re more likely to withhold their help to force better summoning contracts. And, they often follow the letter of a command instead of its spirit.

This isn’t to say that they’re necessarily evil, although like anything some can be. But, they’re definitely devious.

All that being said, not all are so manipulative, and they can be absolutely essential. Water elementals can help find sailors lost at sea, put out fires, bring water to drought-plagued areas, and some are even able to purify contaminated sources of water.

But, it’s always best to remember their manipulative and changeable nature. If only to make sure you don’t rely on them too much. They just might use that as a bargaining chip.

Know your elemental and how to deal with them, and you’ll always have a better time.

Many of them are also formidable opponents, so like every elemental… don’t get on their bad side.

The elemental plane of water is said to be an endless ocean with islands scattered around. Each island is littered with rivers, lakes, marshes, geysers, and all kinds of naturally occurring water.

Storms, rain clouds, mist, fog, ice, and snow are also a common sight there.

There are said to be great palaces beneath the ocean, made all the more difficult for an enemy to assault given that they’ll be utterly surrounded by water. Just breathing would be a difficult task, and fighting an elemental in their natural environment? Suicide.

Like all elemental realms, it is said to be ruled over by an elemental lord or lady. Gender of elemental lords varies by account, and there aren’t many of them.

So, take heed when dealing with water elementals. They are the least straightforward, most likely to lie, manipulate, change their minds, and seek to extort you. But, for all the difficulty involved, they are invaluable and are to be treated with respect. Always. The risks of not doing so are grave indeed.

- Nicholas Wolfram, Professor of Monsterology at Lestria University

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